May’s Brexit deal has been roundly rejected by parliament.

THE VOTES HAVE been cast the Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been roundly rejected by British MPs. 

May’s bid to get the Withdrawal Agreement through the House of Commons was defeated by a margin of 202 to 432, a majority of 230 – a historic defeat.

A motion of no confidence has been tabled by the opposition, which May is likely to survive, but then what? 

The EU have said they will not change the deal while it seems with the fractured of the Westminster government nothing will get through the House of Commons. 

A No Deal scenario – in which the UK crashes out of the EU on 29 March – is looking more likely. 

Another option is the holding of a second referendum, which some commentators feel is becoming more likely every day. Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said today that he believed the UK was heading towards a second referendum. 

Even if a second referendum is voted on, it could still be a yes to leave, with nothing being certain. 

Do you think it’s the best option or should Brexit happen, deal or no deal? 

Today we’re asking: Should the UK hold a second Brexit referendum?

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