Facebook is tweaking the News Feed AGAIN to make it appear ‘more personal’ – Sci News


Facebook is making yet another change to the way posts appear on your News Feed.

As part of a broader shift toward optimizing the ‘quality of time spent’ on the site, the firm says it will begin prioritizing posts from people you have ‘close relationships’ with.

Facebook also says it will bump up the links you might consider ‘most worthwhile.’

The two new ranking updates will help its algorithm better tailor the News Feed to the content it considers most relevant to your life, Facebook says.

‘This doesn’t mean News Feed will be limited to posts from only certain people and it doesn’t mean you will necessarily see more friend content,’ the firm said in a blog post today.

‘Rather, you will likely see posts from those you have close relationships with higher up in your News Feed.’

Leading up to the change, Facebook has been surveying users to pinpoint who they’re closest with on their friends lists and what content they prefer to see.

‘This direct feedback helps us better predict which friends people may want to hear from most,’ Facebook says.

It also keeps track of which users are frequently tagged in photos together, or interact more heavily with each other on the site.

Once it rolls out, it will be continually updating based on your activity so as to keep up with the changes in your life, the firm notes.

‘We also know that whomever you want to hear from right now may not be who you want to hear from in a year, or even a few months,’ Facebook said.

‘Our prediction models are continuously updated based on the interactions people have with their friends on Facebook.

‘We will also continue to survey people to make sure we understand how new actions and interests map to the friends you want to hear from most.’

Building off of these same principles, Facebook says it will also try to prioritize links a given user might be more interested in.

This will be based on a slew of factors, including who posted the link and what sort of engagement it’s received.


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