Google has rolled out a new incredibly bright white display for its Gmail app which is now available for Android and iOS users. 

The Material Design update is now available through an update on the Google Play Store after the company announced it last month. 

Google have got rid of the familiar red menu bar at the top of the screen and has cleaned up the overall design ‘so that it looks less crowded’.      

Despite the new design, it’s still works the same as the old app.

After the update launches, a pop up message says: ‘Welcome—your favourite email has a fresh new look.’ 

You’re then given options to select from a Default, Comfortable or Compact email view. 

Aside from the abundance of white space, there is also a new font and attachments are front and centre allowing for one-tap access to open them.

This means that photos, documents, and other attachments will be displayed inline right in the conversations lists for quick access. 

The benefit to the bright design is that labels and other colours immediately standout in the conversations lists.

The update does feature the ability to choose between three density views, just like on the web: Default, Comfortable, and Compact.

Google said that users would be able to perform various functions just by right-clicking on an email or a conversation. 

The options in the right-click menu include replying, forwarding, searching for emails from the sender or with the subject of the conversation and more. 

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