series’ foray into the mobile space since the Travels series has been pushed back to next year, Bethesda announced today. was first announced during E3 earlier this year, described as a full-fledged RPG experience built from the ground up for mobile gamers.

The original plans had the game coming out sometime in fall 2018, but the delay has pushed back the release to early 2019. The original fall release was even reiterated by Todd Howard during Apple’s September Event, so the company’s decision to delay the game must have been taken pretty recently.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades will release in Early 2019 for iOS and Android devices. We are incredibly excited for you to play Blades and you can still sign up for Early Access at

While no reasoning was given for the slippage to next year, it could be motivated by the less than ideal reception that is receiving right now, and the company may be opting to wait out the controversy before releasing another game. And speaking of mobile gaming, the recent announcement of by Blizzard hasn’t garnered many positive reactions by fans either, which could have also had a hand in Bethesda’s thinking.

In any case, just like before, a firm release date hasn’t been attached to yet, but those who are interested in trying to get into the title’s early access program can pre-register over here. Blades is heading for Android and iOS platforms as a free-to-play title.


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