Canine Riley has a intelligent trick for getting folks to play with him


Social media users are losing their barking minds over what may be the friendliest dog ever.

Riley, a Golden Retriever rescue dog, lives on a very busy residential street in Los Angeles, and every day plenty of people pass by his home.

So Riley, ever the clever canine, props himself up on the wall surrounding his property to entice passersby to play with him — and will even drop his tennis ball on the other side, out of reach, so strangers will pass it back.

Video of Riley went viral this week when it was shared on the Twitter account WeRateDogs.

WeRateDogs, which has 7.41 million followers, is a beloved novelty account that frequently posts pictures of pups with a bit of back story, and rates each one out of ten.

The page is run by Matt Nelson, 22, who hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t like, and will often rate them 11/10, 12/10, or, in Riley’s case, 14/10.

On October 22, the account tweeted: ‘This is Riley. Every morning he hangs over the wall and drops his toy so the nearest passerby is forced to play with him. It works 100% of the time. 14/10’

Attached was a short video of Riley perched up on the wall around his home in Studio City. Riley is holding a chewed-up ball in his mouth, which he drops so the person recording him will pick it up.

The video quickly charmed other social media users, who have watched it nearly 10 million times. The video has 670,000 likes and counting.

Many viewers also chimed in to gush about how cute Riley is, while quite a few shared their own photos and videos and said that they, too, know the friendly pet.

As it turns out, Riley is already pretty locally famous, and has his own Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

He even replied to the viral video, writing: ‘When they aren’t getting hugs from me they are fetching my ball for me.’

He also responded to a concerned fan who wondered if the person who recorded the viral video had stopped filming in order to give Riley his ball back.

‘Yes after the guy filmed me, he picked up my ball and played with me. There were also others all standing around waiting for filming to stop to come give me love,’ ‘Riley’ wrote.

Riley in training to be a therapy dog for kids, but in the meantime is making friends in his neighborhood and providing happiness for internet friends.

His owner regularly poses pictures of him posing for the camera, sometimes wearing a snazzy outfit or getting ready to dig in to a treat.

Over the summer, when his owners went on vacation, they posted a picture of Riley holding up a sign encouraging belly rubs, throwing his fuzzy ball, and helping him look for lizards.

‘To all my followers who live on my street, if you see my door open can you please call my name until I come outside. My family is away and I would really like the extra love. Here is what I need most! Woof,’ read the caption.

After video of him went viral this week, he reposted it, captioning the clip: ‘My secret’s out! Someone filmed me purposely dropping my toy as a ploy to get a passerby to stop and play! Woof.’ 


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