Driver ploughs into THREE automobiles after which reverses out of the house and DEMOLISHES a wall 


A bungling driver was caught on camera losing control of her vehicle and leaving a scene of destruction at a parking lot in east China.

The unidentified driver, believed to be a woman, is seen ploughing into three parked vehicles and then reversing into a brick wall at the car park in Xuancheng, Anhui province.

Fortunately, there was no one around the scene and nobody was hurt. 

Surveillance footage of the incident at Xilin Street on October 11 shows the black car slowly turning into the parking lot at about 3:30pm.

However, the driver rammed into three stationary cars, knocking one of them out of the space.  

The woman then slammed on the accelerator in an attempt to quickly reverse out of the space.

The car is sent flying across the car park and ended up crashing into a wall. Debris, bricks and the roof of a hut nearby came tumbling onto the vehicle.

However, since the incident did not occur on a public road, the traffic police have not imposed any penalties on the driver, according to People’s Daily. 

Net users heavily criticised the driver on Weibo, saying that she should never be permitted to drive again.

‘Did she honestly pass her road test?’ said one.

‘I could feel the car screaming in pain!’ said another. 

‘Maybe the driver is drunk!’ said one.  


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