It was a just over a year ago when it came to light that Mike Laidlaw was leaving BioWare after a 14 year stay at the studio. Today, an announcement revealed Laidlaw has gone back to working for a triple-A studio, that being Ubisoft Quebec, the architects behind the most recent tale, .

During his time at BioWare, Laidlaw served as the creative director for the series and also had a hand in the development of , and other projects. His new position at Ubisoft Quebec has him working once again as the creative director for “an unannounced new project”.

I always knew I’d go back to triple-A at some point, once I found the right team and project.

Spoiler: I did at Ubisoft Quebec and I’m so damn excited to finally talk about it!

The move doesn’t appear to be a sudden one either. Laidlaw had been involved with the studio already as a creative consultant for this mysterious project for the past nine months before moving in for a full-time position.

With the series embracing the RPG genre with the past two entries, and , Laidlaw’s experience could be being put to use for one of the next game in the franchise. If this is the case or not, we will have to wait until Ubisoft makes some announcements to find out what exactly the Canadian studio is now working on.


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