Individuals reveal creepiest issues they’ve been too scared to share


With Halloween just around the corner there will be plenty of fabled ghost stories circulating online, but sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.

In a new thread on Reddit people have been sharing the creepiest experiences that they have never told anyone about – until now. 

The spine chilling thread was started by Redditor 1994spaceodyssey, who asked fellow users: ‘Reddit, what is the creepiest encounter you’ve experienced that you refuse to tell anyone because you know that they would never believe you?’

The original poster added a ‘serious’ tag to the thread in order to discourage any tall tales on the thread and it wasn’t long before users came forward with their spine chilling stories.

In many cases encounters with the paranormal had left people uneasy with one man discovering an unsettling truth about his downstairs neighbours.

Contributing to the thread he explained that he had trouble with noisy neighbours on the floor below, adding: ‘I asked (my landlord) if my downstairs neighbors had decided to keep renting or not.

‘Their response? I didn’t have any downstairs neighbors, ever, in the entire time I had lived there.’

And while the supernatural certainly proved to be spooky it was encounters with people that proved to be the most disquieting.

One man revealed he had a near death experience he was completely unaware of while visiting a bank.

He explained: ‘One day I go to the bank and it is closed, they were robbed the prior day (which I also worked). I lookup an article about the robbery and look at the prior day’s deposit slip. 

‘My deposit slip was stamped 2 mins before the robbery. Which means I pretty much walked out with the robbers in the bank (before they started shooting) or they must have been walking in when I was walking out.’

In another instance a woman revealed how she was almost the victim of child abduction as a little girl.

She wrote: ‘Ok soo me and my brother and my mom were at macy’s and i was like 7 at the time. my mother was in line for returns at a desk and my brother and i decided to play hide and seek in the clothing racks which were right next to the desk. 

‘I was “it” so i ran looking for my brother, let’s call him Jim, and i was running when suddenly some old guy stopped me dead and said “i know where he is he went this way” and proceeded to lead me out of that particular section, away from the desk. 

‘I followed him for a bit, but then i got scared and ran back to my mother. upon arrival, i heard the guy yell “hey, junior, we’re looking for ya!” and me and jim, who was with my mother, were so scared and confused. (sic).’

In one particularly freaky incident a man was left unnerved by his own wife and her erratic after dark behaviour. 

He explained: ‘I woke up once at 3am to find my wife standing over me. She didn’t speak to me, didn’t touch me. She just stood there staring at me. After a few moments I asked her if she was okay. Without a word she walked to her side of the bed and went to sleep.

‘Yes, I am aware of the movie Paranormal Activity. Yes, it was just like that, except this occurred about 2 years before that film was released.’


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