Magnificence influencer reveals how one can flip your self right into a UNICORN


A beauty influencer has revealed how you can turn yourself into a unicorn – and it only requires a few hair clips and glitter. 

In honor of Halloween just around the corner, New York City-based makeup guru Maryam Maquillage created a tutorial on how to transform yourself into a unicorn using a few simple steps. 

‘I think this look is perfect for a mom and daughter, or for sisters, or for best friends,’ Maryam, who was joined by her younger sister Hanifa, said at the beginning of the makeup tutorial. 

To start the magical look, Maryam and Hanifa, who worked with haircare brand Goody on the video, first sectioned-off the front part of their hair (which would later make up the horn) into a Goody elastic band. 

‘You have to make sure that this first part is a square,’ Maryam said about the front section. 

She demonstrated with her sister how to part along each side of the area to form that square on the head. 

Then, once the front section is rubber banded together to create the horn, the sisters grabbed the back portion of hair and placed it into a high ponytail to make up the ‘mane’ of the unicorn look.  

There should still be one small section of hair on each side of the head to use for a smaller pony tail that will rest underneath the larger one. 

But the sisters said this part is optional because it just provides hair to wrap around the pony tail to hide the elastic.

After the mane was secure, the sisters moved their focus onto the horn to finish the hair look.

With the help of Goody Flexi-Rods, they were able to create a secure mold for the horn that their hair could wrap around.

The Goody Flexi-Rod was inserted into the middle of the front pony tail and then twisted upward to form the horn. Hair was then alternatively wrapped around the rod to form a twisted and textured pattern. 

Once the hair was secure, it was time for the sisters to move onto their makeup looks, which each entailed glitter and plenty of colorful beauty products. 

Both sisters opted for one pink and one teal look when it came to their eyes. While Hanifa kept her look simple by using eye shadows, Maryam created a more complicated option using Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner to produce ‘mini horns’ on her eyelids. 

For brows, Maryam created a pink look with the help of Kat Von D’s brow gel while Hanifa glittered each brow.  

One of the most stunning aspects of the look was when Maryam used bright pink blush and highlighter to contour her face. It created the perfect bold and bright look fit for a unicorn. 

The sisters ended the tutorial with bright pink lips and stickers along the face, making it a magical costume other people can replicate for themselves.   


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