Proprietor confuses her canine when she dons a husky masks and begins howling


As many dog owners will know, their beloved pets struggle to resist the urge to howl if another animal starts up nearby.

But Cash the husky found himself caught in two minds after owner Megan Vaughan donned a Halloween mask that looked just like him and began howling.

On the one hand, Cash clearly wants to join in, but on the other he appears terrified of this new half-human, half-husky hybrid – and would like nothing more than to run away and hide.

Megan captured the confused canine’s reaction to her stunt earlier this week, before uploading the video on YouTube.

In it, she can be seen sitting next to Cash – wearing an eye-catching red bandanna scarf – on some steps with the mask over her face.

She then starts howling, with Cash looking horrified at first, but then half-heartedly joining in with the fun. 

At various points over the course of the video, a clearly torn Cash can be seen alternately enjoying himself, and recoiling in terror.

At last he has had enough of his owner’s games and trots away while Megan laughs at the hilarity of her own prank.

Uploading the video online, Megan wrote: ‘Cash is a good sport. I feel like he just plays along with my dumb ideas so as to not make me feel bad.’


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