Psyonix released the V1.56 December Update today, and its main highlight is that it brings along the long-promised Xbox One X enhancements for the title. It’s unclear why did the studio took almost a year to implement the enhancements, but the game should now be using the full power of the Microsoft console.

Xbox One X owners are now able to enjoy the rocket-powered sports title at 60fps in native 4K and HDR, assuming their displays support them. But those using lower resolution displays aren’t left out either, with supersampling now being enabled on 1080p displays. This aims to remove any jagged and shimmering edges from while playing on the Xbox One X.

Meanwhile, several other features were also touched up in the update, which applies to all platforms. Adjustments have been made to how the progression system doles out XP, with increased win bonuses and more ways to earn XP.

Psyonix has also implemented a Ranked Extra Modes leaderboard, and a faster loot crate opening animation, among others. A new selection of Monstercat music is available in-game to listen to as well.

The V1.56 December Update is now available across all platforms, and the full patch notes can be read here.