Woman, two, retains asking Alexa to play Child Shark – and her response is cute


This is the adorable moment a two-year-old Baby Shark fan pleads with Alexa to play her favourite song and starts to dance when the music finally comes on.

Mother Cryssy Turner shared the sweet footage of her daughter Zoé trying to get their Amazon device to play the popular song at home in Wisconsin, U.S.

Zoé tries to get the machine to put on Baby Shark but has to ask multiple times before the correct music starts.

Little Zoé can be seen walking up to the kitchen counter and asking Alexa to ‘play Baby Shark’ but the machine doesn’t understand her request.

The determined toddler asks two more times before Alexa starts to play Baby Hold Back by Say Anything.

However after only a couple of seconds Zoé realises it’s not the song she desperately wants to hear and shouts at Alexa. 

She asks again but Alexa still doesn’t get it right, instead playing a section of Baby Shark by Johnny Only. 

Zoé then turns around to her mother and points at Alexa before asking Cryssy to sort it out and put on the right song.

This time the song is correct and Zoé cannot hide her excitement.

The smiling toddler spins around and shouts with glee as the music builds.

Zoé bounces along with the music and even does the shark actions with her fingers as her mother laughs in the background. 

As the song continues Zoé clasps her hands together to make the Mommy Shark actions and bends her knees, clearly delighted that she’s finally got the right song. 


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