Back in August 2016, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Onesie. Offering the chance to play video games in both style and comfort, the Onesie has large pockets to fit your controllers, pouches on the arms for mobile phone storage, grips on the forearms so you won’t slip off the arm of the chair, and an extra-large hood to accommodate headsets.

Indeed, it was the article of clothing that we never knew that we wanted. There was one problem though, which was that they were never made available for sale. They were made as a promotional item for the Australian launch of the Xbox One S, and while there were some giveaways, they were never widely available.

Until now. Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, announced on his official livestream that you’ll be able to purchase the Xbox Onesie beginning on Friday in the Xbox Gear Store.


Just announced on @majornelson’s livestream the official @Xbox Onesie is launching for sale this Friday (plus a rare @Fallout 76 version)!

If anyone was looking for the perfect Xmas gift, here it is.

Moreover, there’s a “rare” version, although the Onesie itself is rare enough. The regular one will come in black and white colors, while the Xbox Onesie will be blue.

Sadly, pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but if you’re having a “shut up and take my money” moment, you’re not alone.