Gloating bystander taunts police after a marked automobile crashed


A gloating bystander was filmed taunting police after a marked car crashed into a wall while on a 999 emergency call out. 

The man, who has been slammed on social media, accusers the officers of ‘s***’ driving as they try to deal with the aftermath of the crash in London. 

Brazenly the man begins to taunt and berate the officers who show restraint, despite the yobs actions.  

Police have confirmed that a marked car crashed during an emergency call in Kingston upon Thames on Tuesday lunchtime. 

A video, uploaded the following day, opens with two police officers and recovery driver standing by the wrecked car which has hit a wall, scattering bricks across the pavement. 

The man filming says gleefully: ‘Look what I just found.’ 

The man filming then goes around the police car, showing the extent of the damage, and over to a man in orange hi-vis and two police officers in discussion. 

He says: ‘What happened officer? You got s*** drivers. What happened?’ 

The camera again shows the car among the debris, and the man says: ‘Crashed.’ 

He then says, brazenly: ‘That’s why you lot never catch me. S*** drivers, ain’t they mate?’

One of the police officers, wearing glasses and holding a notebook in hand, finally has enough and tells the man: ‘Shut up and go away.’ 

The man responds: ‘S*** driver, s*** driver.’ 

The officer then looks straight at the man and the camera and says: ‘Have you got nothing else to do with your life?’ 

The man continues to say: ‘S*** driver. That’s why you never catch me.’ 

The officer then explains that it wasn’t him driving before turning round and saying: ‘Go get a job. Go get a job, mate. Go on mate, go get a job.’ 

The man continues: ‘Look at you. Look at you. You little mug. Mugs.’ 

He finally begins to walk away and leaves the two officers there, before singing out loud: ‘Old bill, old bill. They make me f****** ill.’  

Charlie Wilson wrote on social media: ‘But you’d be the first to call them if your car got stolen, house got broken in (if you have one), assaulted, or even worse one of your children went missing.’  

Ivo Eniks commented: ‘S*** happens. Police are human as well. You can film it but the comments. Really? I wonder what you will say when someone will rob your house and police will not do a thing just so they don’t have an accident. Disgusting video to be honest.’ 

The Met Police confirmed the incident happened at around 1.08pm on October 23.

A spokeswoman added: ‘A marked police car responding to an emergency call on blue lights collided with the central reservation on Horse Fair, Kingston. ‘There were no reported injuries and the car has since been removed’.


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