Inside Nxivm cult leader’s library where he allegedly had sex with two slaves


Jurors were given a first look inside Keith Raniere’s alleged sex lair in video footage featuring the accused Nxivm cult leader making crude jokes about women.

The short clip shows Raniere, 58, sat at a desk in the ‘Executive Library’ in Halfmoon, New York, reports the NYPost.

He is seen chatting to two men, one filming him while the other takes photographs, as he flicks through a photo album.

Raniere then says calling women ‘piggies’ is pretty bad, but adds that ‘to tease a woman about her odor, to say she’s a fish-hole, it’s official, she’s a fish-hole’ is worse.

The room, in a home owned by Nxivm president Nancy Salzman, was reportedly where at least two female ‘slaves’ had sex with Raniere. 

Mark Vicente, a former member of Nxivm, testified that another part of the library, not seen in the video, has an elevated bed with a hot tub underneath, reports the NYPost.

Prosecutors say they found a hard drive containing child pornography and explicit photos of Nxivm members inside the library.

Nxivm claimed to be a self-help group, but is alleged to have contained a secret society where woman were shamed into having sex and branded with Raniere’s initials on their pelvis. 

Last month, Smallville star Allison Mack pleaded guilty to blackmailing two women into becoming sex slaves.

Raniere has been accused of sex trafficking and possession of child pornography among others. He has pleaded not guilty.  


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