Norman Reedus Stars in New VR-Only Movie Called 'The Limit,' and It's Straight-Up Bonkers

Director Robert Rodriguez has an eclectic film catalog to say the least, ranging from the goofy, violent cult classic Dusk ‘Til Dawn to the weird and sometimes dreamlike Spy Kids franchise, but The Limit seems to resemble his 2010 film Machete most of all: a big, over-the-top action movie packed with explosions, fistfights, gunfire, and B-movie humor. It just so happens to be available only on virtual reality platforms. Check out the trailer below!

Sort of like Hardcore Henry, the protagonists of The Limit find themselves in the center of a maelstrom of ridiculous violence, but the movie helps keep you on track by providing you with a guide: a “super-assassin” named M-13 (played by Michelle Rodriguez), your VR partner in ass-kicking. According to the trailer’s summary of the movie:

“As a rogue agent with a mysterious past, you enlist the help of enhanced super-assassin M-13 (Michelle Rodriguez) to retrieve your identity and strike against the deadly organization that created you. Also featuring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), THE LIMIT will put you inside a high-octane 20-minute action movie like you’ve never seen!”

We’re not sure when Norman Reedus became the go-to guy for weird, experimental projects (like Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding), but he’s got a giant mechanical arm in The Limit, and seems to be an antagonist.

The movie is only about 20 minutes long, has a 180-degree range of vision for the user, and retails for about $10 ($8 for your phone), so it’s definitely accessible for anyone who’s curious about what the future of VR cinema might look like. It’s certainly doesn’t look like an artistic masterpiece, but it looks entertaining enough to be a grindhouse-style B-movie with an interesting twist.

You can check out the official site to find where to buy the film, which is holding a 50% off launch sale as of this writing!

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