North Carolina Fisherman Catches Mysterious Lights on Video--Is It a UFO?

When it comes to prospective UFO sightings, there are a couple criteria that elevates a video from “probably a lens flare” to “huh, that’s weird”: the first is decent video quality, the second is a clear “UFO,” and the third is a genuine question over what exactly we’re seeing. This recent video from a fisherman on North Carolina’s Outer Bank fulfills all three of those guidelines—check it out below.

The name of the fisherman in the video isn’t clear, though the video about was posted by someone with the username crlarkin. According to the video description: “Stationary orange lights in the sky. Seen east off of Cape Lookout on 11/13/18, roughly between 9-10PM Eastern.” Apart from the fact that the orange lights seem to be staying in roughly the same place in the sky, the appearance and disappearance of two other orange lights above them raises more questions about what exactly we’re seeing here—a boat? A lighthouse?

Whatever the lights are, they’re certainly more interesting than the “TR-3B” spotted in a lightning storm, or the “flying triangle” seen in a different lightning storm (noticing a pattern here?). Most UFO sightings like these look more like video artifacts than actual aircraft, so we give credit to our Outer Banks fisherman for taking a relatively steady, high-quality video so viewers can actually see what they’re supposed to be looking at.

Floating or hovering lights have been a part of UFO lore for decades, including the famous Lubbock Lights and the Phoenix Lights, though both of those cases involved numerous lights arranged in a wing or “carpenter’s square”-like formation. While someone native to North Carolina might be able to point out something obvious, like the fact that there’s a buoy near that stretch of beach, we’re going to file this video under “unexplained” until then.

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