Strictly Katya & Neil’s marriage to be SAVED by ‘relaxed’ method?


STRICTLY Come Dancing’s Katya and Neil Jones are currently working on their marriage after she kissed Seann Walsh.

The Strictly Come Dancing couple, who have been married for five years, were thrown into chaos last month when Katya Jones was spotted kissing Strictly partner Seann Walsh outside a pub.

However, Katya, 29, released a statement at the time saying saying she was “very happy” with husband Neil Jones, 35.

She also said the infidelity was “no reflection” on their marriage.

The couple have since put on a united front – attending and posing together at the Pride of Britain Awards recently.

“We need to remember that nobody but Katya and her husband know what their mutual expectations are for their marriage”

Dr Becky Spelman

They have also confirmed events up until next summer together.

However, can their marriage really survive the scandal?

Relationship expert Dr Becky Spelman said couples who have a “relaxed” approach to incidents within a marriage are more likely to last.

She exclusively told Daily Star Online: “We need to remember that nobody but Katya and her husband know what their mutual expectations are for their marriage.

“Some couples are relatively relaxed about minor incidents of infidelity, such as sharing a kiss.”

Dr Spelman added: “Depending on what she and her husband have agreed between them, they may or may not consider the current situation a crisis.”

The expert said that the fact that the pair are dealing with the issue in the public eye is an added pressure though.

She continued: “The fact that this situation is unfurling in public adds to the pressure they must both be feeling, and undoubtedly, they are going through a period of reflection while they decide what to do going forward.

“In general, marriages can and do survive infidelity when both spouses are prepared to look honestly at the relationship, determine their joint priorities, and reach an understanding as to why the infidelity occurred in the first instance.”

Dr Spelman also gave us an insight as to why Seann and Katya’s kiss happened in the first place.

She told us that cheating in the workplace is very common as we spend a lot of time with colleagues and because people usually see it as separate to real life.

The expert commented: “The idea that what happens at work is completely distinct from the rest of our lives can develop, along with the (usually misplaced) idea that any romance that happens at work ‘doesn’t count’ and won’t interfere with our lives outside work.”

Seann and Katya are now spending less time together, seeing as they were voted off Strictly last weekend.

Despite Katya and Neil working on their marriage, comedian Seann, 32, was publicly dumped by girlfriend Rebecca Humphries after the scandal.

Strictly Come Dancing’s results show airs tonight on BBC One at 7:50pm.


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