WATCH: Google's New VR Film 'Age of Sail' Is Out, and It's Heartbreaking

If you grew up with Pixar movies, you probably remember those charming little shorts, like Geri’s Game and Knick Knack. As short and simple as they were, some of them packed in so much humor or emotion that you couldn’t help but remember them. A good example is Paperman, the 6-minute romantic comedy created by John Kahr that played before Wreck-It Ralph. Now Kahr is back with his own Google Spotlight film, a 12-minute VR movie called Age of Sail, which features an old, salty sea captain and a young girl he saves from drowning.

Despite being one-eighth the run-time of a full-fledged Hollywood movie, Age of Sail has stronger characters, better dialogue, and more heart-wrenching highs and lows than most theatrical releases (looking at you, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom). It’s a beautiful little film, and you can watch the full thing below.

Though the version above is shown in traditional film style, you can get the VR version for free (!) on Steam, which reviewers say is a totally different experience. You’ll still need an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift to watch it, but if you’re already riding the VR train, this is a no-brainer. Don’t worry if you’re prone to seasickness, either—according to Endgadget: “Kahrs and his team had to bear in mind that setting a VR film on the open sea, with a boat rolling on waves, could cause viewers motion sickness. They simplified the look of the sky and ocean, and made sure you’re able to focus on the horizon to minimize the feeling of seasickness.”

Filmmakers have been struggling with how to make VR movies for years, and Age of Sail is one of the rare examples of how it can not only work, but enhance the experience. It’s already been chosen for the 2018 Venice Film Festival, so it’s certainly a different approach than Robert Rodriguez’s recent VR grindhouse film The Limit, which looks absolutely insane.

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