A rare Washington quarter sells for $1,275 – do you have one in your pocket?


A rare Washington quarter sells for $1,275 – do you have one in your pocket?

A QUARTER recently sold for over (dollar)1,200 on eBay, so double-check where you keep your change to ensure you’re not missing out.

Due to its extremely low mintage, the rare coin, which features US first President George Washington, is one of a kind.

Only two Washington quarters with mintages under one million were produced.

The 1932 S quarter is one, and the 1932 D quarter is the other (the one that recently sold).

The difference between the two can be seen on the coin’s reverse.

On the reverse of the coin, one has a “D” above the text “Quarter Dollar,” while the other has an “S.”

These letters stand for the mints in Denver and San Francisco, respectively.

According to Professional Coin Grading Services’ (PCGS) David Hall, only 436,800 and 408,000 of these coins were minted, respectively.

Mr Hall wrote in a description of the coin, “Both coins have been highly sought after in all grades for the past 60 years.”

“They are two of the most well-known rare coins of the twentieth century, and they are key dates in the Washington quarter series.”

“Liberty” (above Washington) and “In God We Trust” (to the left of Washington) are written on the obverse side of the quarter.

The Denver minted coin sold for (dollar)1,275 after receiving six bids.

That means the Washington quarter is now worth more than 500,000 times its face value.

The seller claims the coin is PCGS certified with an “MS 62” grade in the listing description.

According to USA Coin Book, in “Uncirculated (MS-65)” condition, the coin could be worth as much as (dollar)13,573.

However, in fair condition, the coin may only be worth (dollar)195.

On eBay, there are a number of auctions for the 1932 D quarter, some of which are attracting hundreds of bids.

Also, make sure you’re aware of any online imposters.

To avoid this, double-check the seller’s history and whether the coin was certified when it was listed.

Keep in mind that your Washington quarters aren’t the only coins worth collecting.

Check your change for rare nickels, dimes, half dollars, Lincoln pennies, and other coins, as some of these can sell for thousands of dollars.

Collectors value coins with a low mintage or an error the most.

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Just 408,000 of 1932 D quarter have been minted

Just 408,000 of 1932 D quarter have been minted

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