Australia is said to be the victim of a cyber attack by a “state actor”


Australia is the target of an extensive cyber attack from a ” state actor sophisticated “, which refers to the computer systems of the government, administrations and enterprises, according to its Prime minister. Scott Morrison has organized Friday’s emergency press conference in Canberra to prevent his fellow citizens from the “specific risks” to which they were exposed.

According to him, ” will this activity target organizations in australia across a range of sectors, at all levels of the government, the economy, political organizations, health services and other operators of critical infrastructures.”

According to the australian media, the list of suspects is very small, among the States that have an know-how in this area (outside of western countries, China, North Korea, Iran, Israel, or Russia). They looked to the side of China, which was imposed in may of customs duties punitive damages against some of the australian exports. ABC-tv cited “sources high placed” confirming that China would be behind these attacks.

Verbal escalation

The government of Scott Morrison had provoked the wrath of Beijing by calling for an independent international investigation on the origins of the pandemic coronavirus, and in denouncing a chinese diplomatic and aggressive and dishonest. China has responded by advising its nationals to Australia as a destination for tourism and study, threatening further reprisals, and condemning an Australian to death for drug trafficking.

Already last year, the parliament and the political parties in australia were a little worried about an attempt of interference by a foreign power in the political environment. China had then the finger was pointed even if, at any time, his name had been specifically mentioned by the Prime minister. Beijing had immediately rejected these accusations, calling them including tissue of ” lies “, and” irresponsible ” and ” defamatory “.

A few months earlier, the ex-head of counter-espionage in australia, Duncan Lewis, who resigned, accused Beijing of wanting to “take control” of the politicians via ” espionage and interference “.

No personal data stolen

Scott Morrison said Friday that it has informed the opposition of these computer attacks ” malicious “, and urged the institutions and companies to ” protect themselves “. It gave no technical details, but indicated that the personal data of Australians had not been stolen and that many attacks had failed.

“We encourage organizations, particularly those of health, strategic infrastructure and services essential to seek the advice of experts and put in place defense systems techniques,” he said.

Australia is part of the powerful intelligence alliance called “Five Eyes” with the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, which is in fact a target of choice for his opponents.


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