Beijing airport uses new ground power unit to protect environment


Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) has adopted a new generation of ground power unit (GPU) for aircraft to protect the environment.

The BCIA has introduced the new technology of an integrated energy storage GPU as part of the efforts to build a green airport, said the BCIA.

The new generation of GPU reduces the use of the auxiliary power unit (APU) of aircraft. APU is a piece of airborne equipment that can provide power and air conditioning for the aircraft while parking at the airport.

As APU is usually powered by aviation kerosene, it has been challenging for airports to cut noise and emission. The BCIA started using GPU in 2008 to help aircraft reduce the use of APU.

The new generation of GPU performs better in reducing noise and emission, and in providing steady power and air conditioning supplies, according to the BCIA.

After each recharge session, it is capable of providing no less than two hours of power and air conditioning supply with a remarkable energy-saving rate.


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