Ben & Jerry’s has a ‘flavour graveyard’ for all its old ice creams


BEN & Jerry’s marks the ending of its flavour in the strangest way – by “burying” them in a garden outside its factory.

The US-based ice cream company is known for creating weird and wonderful flavours with whacky names, including a crisp flavour called Chip Happens.

But now the quirky company has stepped it up a notch even further by paying tribute to its former flavours in a unique fashion.

At its Vermont HQ, there’s a garden that’s been dubbed the “Flavour Graveyard” and contains several tiny headstones on it.

Each headstone has a short poem about the flavour, date of when it was created and then pulled from shelves.

A tongue-in-cheek video by the brand shows people gathering together in a funeral-style setting, with people mourning the flavours and laying flowers at the headstones.

Pallbearers are seen carrying a tiny coffin and putting it on a table before “mourners” come and place kisses on it.

There’s also a virtual version on Ben & Jerry’s website, which includes flavours such as Fossil Fuel, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Chocolate Macadamia.

A poem for Fossil Fuel, which was a mainstay in supermarket freezers until 2010, on its headstone reads: “Fudgy dinosaurs galore, got all dug up til there were no more.

“A flavour re-design might be do-able, but Fossil Fuel is non-renewable.”

A statement from Ben & Jerry’s on the page reads: “Ice cream flavours, like everything else, have a beginning & an end.

“While some of our flavours have proven to live long and happy lives, others were cut down before their time (or in some cases just in time). Here we pay tribute to our dearly de-pinted.”

Last year, Ben & Jerry’s launched a brown sugar ice cream with cookie swirls for Valentine’s Day, called Love is…

It previously also launched Moophoria, a low calorie ice cream range.

And in January it began selling bags of its famous cookie dough chunks – from its popular cookie dough flavour – at Asda.


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