Chinese mask producer denies having exported N95 masks with ear loops to US


Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd. said it has never exported N95 masks with ear loops to the United States.

The response came after media reports emerged claiming that boxes of N95 masks with ear loops, with the name Shanghai Dasheng on them, were found to be counterfeit in the U.S. market.

“The N95 masks exported by the company to the U.S. market are all headband masks (with bands) that stretch across the back of the head. We have never exported N95 masks with ear loops to the United States,” said Wu Shengrong, chairman of Shanghai Dasheng.

There are some fake masks illegally using the brand of Dasheng on the market, explained Wu. The company has published clear warnings on its English website which read, “We do not have any distributors, dealers or branch factories. Beware of counterfeits.”

In view of some counterfeits in the market, the company has reported the issue to the police and has actively communicated with their customers in Europe and the United States, to protect the reputation of Chinese brands.

At present, Shanghai Dasheng has more than 100 varieties of masks. It has obtained over 200 international certifications including the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of the United States.

The company’s daily output of N95 masks has reached about 500,000. The number of masks exported to the U.S. market accounts for about 5 percent of all its exports.


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