Gold prices decline for the second caliber 21 score 770 pounds to the body without workmanship


The gold price slipped for a second day Monday, the level of trading week with the opening of the market of Goldsmiths, as gold fell 4 pounds a little while ago, after landing his £ 4, also on the tenth morning of Monday, June 15, to become the total decline of the gold price 8 pounds.

Gold caliber 21 a caliber mainland in the market of the Goldsmiths in Egypt 770 pounds to the body, on the background of falling world price per ounce keeps 1714 dollars, due to the rise of the dollar and the decline of currency risk-sensitive by concern the wave of the corona again, according to Ihab Wasef, vice president of the division of gold.


Gold today in Egypt:

18k : 660 pounds.

Bullet 21 : 770 pounds.

24 carat : 880 pounds.

Fairy Gold : 6160 pounds.

World price : 1714 dollars.

According to Reuters, the dollar rose while Fell the currency associated with trade of primary commodities with the control of the direction of risk aversion on the markets as a result of fears of a second wave of infections with these-19 after the appearance of new cases in Beijing and the high incidence in the United States early week..

And versus a basket of currencies, the dollar rose on Sunday evening, but it stabilized somewhat in early trading in London. By 0700 GMT, the index was the work of the high 0.2 percent, the disarmament of the Australian dollar nearly 1 % against its American counterpart and the New Zealand dollar 0.7 percent scored two of the weakest levels in more than two weeks.

While risk aversion did not order the Japanese currency significantly against the dollar, which recorded 107.28 yen, while the Swiss franc declined relatively to the euro to 1.0723.

While analysts attributed many of the high dollar to fears of a second wave of casualties of the virus, said Ulrich when the director of research of the foreign exchange market, commodities in Commerzbank, the news of new infections overlapping since a long time. He added that the non-rising safe-haven currency other indicates that the dollar’s gains resulted more from his weakness in recent times.He said, ”I see that it’s much simpler. After an extended period of weak performance for the U.S. dollar lost it’s time to burn the correction and sell for a profit.“



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