Here are eight reasons why you may still be waiting for your third (dollar)1,400 stimulus check.


Here are eight reasons why you might be waiting for your third (dollar)1,400 stimulus check.

President Joe Biden signed a (dollar)1.9 trillion Covid relief package in March 2021, which provided a third stimulus check to millions of Americans.

However, some people are still waiting for their (dollar)1,400 stimulus check.

There are a number of reasons why you may still be waiting for a payment, including IRS hold-ups, bank snafus, and other issues.

Millions of people may suffer as a result of the delay, who were hoping to use the money to buy groceries, pay bills, or pay off debts.

Using the IRS online tool to track your payment, you can always check on the status of your stimulus check.

We’ve compiled a list of eight common reasons why you haven’t received your stimulus check yet.

The third stimulus payment had different requirements than the first two.

Previously, a maximum income of (dollar)100,000 for single taxpayers and (dollar)200,000 for married couples filing jointly was required to qualify.

The thresholds were lowered to (dollar)80,000 and (dollar)160,000, respectively, for the third stimulus check.

As a result, even if you qualify for the first two, it’s possible that you won’t get the third.

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If you qualify but haven’t filed a tax return in a while, you might face a delay in receiving your funds.

It may surprise you to learn that not everyone is required to file a tax return every year.

You didn’t have to file in 2020 if you make less than (dollar)12,400 per year, don’t have any additional income from self-employment, are single, and under 65 years old.

However, if you haven’t filed a tax return in a while, the IRS won’t be able to determine your eligibility for a stimulus check, so you could be missing out on the money.

If you’re retired and rely on Social Security benefits, there’s a chance your payment has been delayed due to the SSA.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) was supposed to send information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) so that Social Security recipients could get their stimulus checks quickly.

However, according to MoneyWise, the information transfer was slowed and required congressional intervention.

As a result, there may be some delays as the data is sorted.

It’s possible that the IRS doesn’t have your updated information if you’ve moved since the Covid relief package was passed.

As a result, it’s possible that your check was sent to your old address.

Similarly, if you’ve opened a new bank account and the IRS hasn’t received the information, your payment may be delayed.

In that case, you’ll receive a paper check or a debit card.

However, if your bank account and mailing address are both new,…

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