HMRC glitch leaves thousands unable to claim tax refunds


AN online glitch has left thousands of Brits unable to claim tax refunds from HM Revenue & Customs.

HMRC lets taxpayers who have overpaid reclaim what they’re owed into their bank account using an online system.

But due to a technical issue with its PAYE repayment system, taxpayers have been unable to claim and they now face delays in getting their refunds.

The PAYE system is used to process refunds for employees who pay tax and national insurance automatically as they earn.

You might be due a refund for a wide range of reasons, including if you changed jobs during the year and your employer used the wrong tax code.

The issues are now said to be fixed, but taxpayers are having to wait up to three weeks for their cash – a ten-day delay.

It should take five working days for money to reach your account.

A number of taxpayers who successfully claimed are also waiting on money to be paid into their accounts.

Some taxpayers have vented their frustration on Twitter recently, with one user writing to HMRC: “Dear HMRC service, in the final step for tax refund, it was shown “Online refunds are not available at the moment”.

“I would like to know when online refund are available again?”

And another added: “I’m in the same boat, such a pain in these times of a pandemic.

“I’ve literally got no money this would of helped so much. Please hurry I need food to live.”

While another added: “@HMRCcustomers Why is it near impossible to get tax refund processed by HMRC… Online, by phone…what’s going on?”

A fourth commented: “Apparently there are issues with PAYE.

“I did mine two weeks ago still waiting and their response is ‘well just keep checking you account and hopefully it’ll be in sooner rather than later’.”

A spokesperson for HMRC told The Sun a backend glitch on its website meant it had to take down the service on Tuesday night, June 23, to fix it.

It then reopened the online tool on Saturday morning, June 27.

If you’d already submitted your request before the tool was taken down, you’ll have the money in your bank account by July 2.

Or if you requested payment by cheque, you’ll receive it by July 13.

Alternatively, if you were unable to claim a refund and you did so on Saturday morning, you’ll have the cash in your bank account by this Friday, July 3 – a nine-day wait.

HMRC told The Sun the longest someone would have to wait for the cash is 17 working days.

It added that it informed taxpayers of a 10-day turnaround time upon application during the glitch.

HMRC estimated that a “small number” of taxpayers were affected as tax refund letters are being being staggered in delivery and not everyone will process on the day they receive it.

HMRC said: “This issue has now been fixed & the service is now open.

“All customers who have already submitted their repayment request will have the money in their bank by Thursday 2 July, or receive a cheque by Monday 13 July if they requested payment by cheque.”

It added: “We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.”

Last year, HMRC warned of a surge in tax refund scam texts which trick you into handing over bank details.

Meanwhile, pregnant mums faced an up to 12-WEEK wait for backlogged maternity allowance payments.

In August, new HMRC statistics revealed that almost half of the working population don’t earn enough to pay income tax.


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