In 2021, Turkiye’s mining exports will reach a new high of (dollar)5.9 billion.


In 2021, Turkiye’s mining exports will reach an all-time high of (dollar)5.9 billion.

China, the United States, Spain, Bulgaria, and Belgium are the top export destinations, according to the energy minister.

ANKARA is the capital of Turkey.

Fatih Donmez, the energy and natural resources minister, announced Tuesday that Turkiye’s mining exports hit a new high of (dollar)5.9 billion in 2021.

Donmez said both the energy and mining sectors had a successful year despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, speaking at the 2021 Mining Exports Evaluation meeting.

Donmez said that from mining exports of (dollar)565 million in 2000, there has been a ten-fold increase over the last 20 years and a 40% year-on-year increase in 2021, with mining exports totaling (dollar)4.27 billion.

“China, the United States, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, India, Sweden, Germany, and France were the top ten countries from which we exported in 2021.

It is, of course, not limited to these.

We also added Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, Albania, and Serbia to our portfolio,” he said.

According to Donmez, China topped the list with a 28 percent share of Turkiye’s mining exports, followed by the US with 9.7%, Spain with 5%, and Bulgaria and Belgium each with 4%.

Turkiye exported the most metallic minerals last year, worth $2.2 billion, followed by refined natural stones ($1.28 billion) and industrial minerals ($1.1 billion).

The contribution of the mining industry to the economy has increased by five times.

Turkiye’s gold exports reached (dollar)7.6 billion, indicating significant progress in the sector.

With imports of (dollar)5.6 billion, the country generated a (dollar)2 billion foreign trade surplus, reversing the trend of a trade deficit that began in 2017.

He also discussed the country’s boron revenue achievement last year, which exceeded (dollar)1 billion in exports.

“From 11 billion Turkish liras in 2009 to 59.2 billion liras in 2020,” he said, noting that this represented a five-fold increase over the previous ten years.

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