Insurance will cover at-home Covid-19 tests beginning TODAY, thanks to a helpline that will send out kits.


Insurance will cover at-home Covid-19 tests beginning TODAY, thanks to a helpline that will send out kits.

HEALTH-INSURANCE-COVERED AMERICANS can now get eight free Covid-19 tests at home.

Starting today, January 15, private health insurance plans must cover the over-the-counter tests up to a maximum of (dollar)12 per test.

People can either get the kits for free or get a refund from their insurance company if they submit receipts.

As a result, under the scheme, a family of five could be reimbursed for up to 40 tests per month.

PCR tests and rapid tests ordered or administered by a health care provider will continue to be fully covered.

President Joe Biden announced the federal requirement in December of last year, and officials said it would go into effect today.

In a statement released Monday, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said, “This is all part of our overall strategy to expand access to easy-to-use, at-home tests at no cost.”

“By requiring private health plans to cover people’s at-home tests, we’re increasing Americans’ access to free tests when they need them.”

Insurers will comply with the order, according to industry groups, but consumers should be aware that it will not be as simple as flipping a switch.

“They do not need to submit a separate claim for reimbursement,” according to Health Care Service Corporation, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

On January 19, the Biden administration will launch, a website through which Americans can order free Covid tests.

The tests are entirely free, including shipping costs.

The United States Postal Service will ship your order once you’ve placed it.

According to an official who briefed reporters, the tests will be mailed to homes in seven to twelve days.

In an effort to address the nationwide test shortage, Biden announced earlier this week that his administration would double the 500 million tests ordered last month.

“Most people with a health plan can go online, or to a pharmacy or store, and purchase an at-home over-the-counter Covid-19 diagnostic test authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at no cost, either through reimbursement or free of charge through their insurance,” according to the government’s FAQs section.

Insurance companies must reimburse up to (dollar)12 per individual test, or the actual cost of the test if it is less than (dollar)12.

If the test costs more than (dollar)12 each, the customer is responsible for the difference.

Most pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart, sell Covid-19 tests that can be used at home.

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