Live cryptocurrency prices: Gyen and Shiba Inu cryptos fall, Bitcoin rises, and Holoride releases its first blockchain component


Live cryptocurrency prices: Gyen and Shiba Inu cryptos drop, Bitcoin rises, and Holoride introduces its first blockchain component

Following a price drop, Bitcoin is rising in value again, though Gyen and Shiba Inu are continuing their downward trend, which could spell trouble for investors.

Bitcoin is steadily rising, with a value of (dollar)57,923.97 on Saturday morning, indicating a gradual reversal of the coin’s steep drop earlier this week.

Shiba Inu, on the other hand, plummeted to (dollar)0.000046, while Gyen plummeted to (dollar)0.00860345 in a single day.

Meanwhile, Holoride has unveiled its first blockchain component, the (dollar)RIDE token, which will be available for purchase on the Maiar Launchpad at the end of November.

Experts warned that Shiba Inu could be in danger after Bitcoin lost 50% of its value in the last three weeks, prompting dire warnings.

According to Coin Telegraph, it was as low as (dollar)0.00004251 on November 19.

According to the publication, the current price correction is a “topping signal.”

It comes after President Joe Biden signed a bill into law that includes cryptocurrency tax regulations.

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Gala is a cryptocurrency that is used in the gaming and NFT industries.

It’s used on Gala Games, a platform created in 2019 by one of Zynga’s (dollar)8 billion gaming company’s co-founders.

Gala is used as a means of communication between people who are participating in the game.

Tokens can be used to purchase items in the game.

Coach JV, a crypto expert and founder of 3T Warrior Academy, told The Sun: “Gala has a fantastic foundation.”

“Gala uses NFTs to ensure that their players have true ownership of their in-game items.”

Town Star, Spider Tanks, Mirandus, and Fortified are some of the most popular games on the network.


Shiboshi NFTs are non-fungible tokens that depict a wide range of “adorable creatures.”

For an additional (dollar)100, NFT holders will be able to name the Shiboshis.

The Shiboshis will have generic names, such as 00001.

“It’s important to name your Shiboshi because names are unique and can only exist once in the Shib Oshiverse,” the post reads.

“With the expansions we’re considering, your Shiboshi could become more valuable.”


The platform was fined nearly (dollar)70 million in July for deceiving customers and causing outages.

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