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London flat to rent for £1,000 a month has a shower in the KITCHEN


A TINY London flat with a shower in the KITCHEN has gone on the market for a hefty £1,000 a month.

Strangely, the one-bed property in Stoke Newington, North-East London, has a separate bathroom, complete with a bath already fitted with a showerhead.

The shower cubicle has been installed in a completely different room next to a microwave, fridge-freezer and sink.

And the bizarre feature has been advertised by agents as a “shower room”.

The property has been widely mocked on Twitter, with one user suggesting a conversion has gone awry.

The man said: “The landlord was trying to convert a tiny s***hole into two tiny s***holes and realised way too late in the process that he’d contravened multiple human rights laws and several laws of basic geometry.”

Another said: “You should never be able to see your fridge and microwave while you shower.”

The baffling flat, which has been viewed thousands of times, was initially priced at £1,200.

But the rent has since been dropped – and it’s now available for £1,000.

The flat doesn’t have an oven, and the landlord has instead put the microwave on top of a chest of drawers.

A sofa has also been wedged into the tight space against a radiator.

In the bathroom, a washing machine stands alongside the toilet, sink and tub.

And one end of the bedroom has been tiled – much like a bathroom – and also has a kitchen cabinet installed inside.

Agents say the top-floor one-bed flat features a “large master bedroom, fully-fitted bathroom, shower room and spacious open plan kitchen”.

Over the summer, a studio flat with a washing machine, kitchen and toilet under the bed went on the market for £754 a month.

Social media users said the property looked worse than a prison cell.

Agents for the North London apartment boasted the property had a “mezzanine sleeping area” – leading incredulous Twitter users to find the funny side.

Earlier this year, a tiny studio flat with a shower and sink next to the bed went on sale for £200,000.

The property – in Notting Hill, London – had little more than a single bed, a hob and a shower inside.

Elsewhere in London, a property narrower than a bus went on sale in July for a whopping £700,000.

The home in East Dulwich, which measures just 8ft 1in across, was converted from a derelict workshop.

And in February, a tiny studio flat without any door or stair access sold at auction for just £1 because no one knows what is inside.

The minuscule property has been unoccupied since it was built – because nobody has ever been able to get into it.


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