Nando’s is doing quarter of Peri Peri chicken for just £1.85 with the Eat Out to Help Out discount


NANDO’S has confirmed its Eat Out to Help Out prices – and customers will be able to pick up a quarter of Peri Peri chicken for just £1.85 next month.

A quarter of chicken would typically cost £4.35, depending on your location – so that’s a saving of £2.50.

Other savings you’ll find include a quarter Peri Peri chicken and two sides for £3.38, instead of £7.75.

If your ordering halloumi sticks and a dip, this will come to £1.74 instead of £3.95.

The lower prices will come into effect when the Eat Out to Help Out scheme launches on August 3 to August 31.

Under the initiative, Brits can get 50 per cent off meals and non-alcoholic drinks, up to £10 a head, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday.

Nando’s has already slashed prices of menu favourites after the government announced it was cutting VAT from 20 per cent to 5 per cent.  

It means customers will benefit from both the VAT cut and Eat Out to Help Out.

Everything from the Nando’s menu will be discounted, apart from alcoholic drinks as these aren’t included in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

You can see some examples of the savings you’ll find in the box above – however, prices may vary depending on your location.

The lower costs will only apply to customers who are eating in.

Takeaway and home delivery prices won’t be included in the Eat Out to Help Out discount – although they have been reduced already due to the VAT cut.

We’ve rounded up some of the prices cuts here.

KFC, McDonald’s and Wetherspoons are among the other high street chains to pass on VAT savings to customers.

But businesses don’t have to pass on savings in full or even at all – they also don’t have to sign up to Eat Out to Help Out.

If you’re thinking about taking advantage, use the Nando’s store finder tool to locate your nearest branch.

Nando’s has ditched its passion fruit and mango flavour for new coconut and lemon spice.

We’ve got a full list of reopened Nando’s restaurants here.

Nando’s temporarily shut all restaurants on March 23 after the government ordered all “non-essential” businesses to close.


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