Rishi Sunak’s Eat In to Help Out meal deal: How to make the most of it at Pizza Hut and McDonald’s


HUNGRY diners are rejoicing after Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced his Eat Out to Help Out scheme. 

In August, restaurants will offer 50 per cent off with a maximum discount of up to £10 per person on meals from Monday to Wednesday. 

It means a family of four will pay £40 for an £80 meal. 

Here we show you how to enjoy a three course meal for under a tenner at your favourite high street restaurants.

We compared prices at a London restaurant to create our meal deals.

Here’s what we found…

Mini corn on the cob – £3.49
Margherita – £9.79
Triple chocolate cookie dough – £6.49
WAS: £19.77
AUGUST: £9.89

Onion rings – £2.99
Half a roast chicken and chips – £11.49 
Chocolate fudge cake: £4.99
WAS: £19.47
AUGUST: £9.74

Garlic mushrooms – £2.99
Carvery – £7.79
Apple pie – £4.39
WAS: £15.17
AUGUST: £7.50 

20 nuggets share box – £4.19
Big Mac Meal – £4.89 
Malteasers McFlurry – 99p 
WAS: £10.07
AUGUST: £5.03

Regular popcorn chicken – £3.99 
Boneless banquet – £8.19 
WAS: £12.18
AUGUST: £6.09 

Halloumi sticks and dip – £3.95
½ chicken plus corn on the cob and chips – £11.20
Nata dessert – £1.95
Coca cola – £1.65
WAS: £18.75
AUGUST: £9.38

Mixed olives – £3.50
Spaghetti pomodoro – £9.25
Salted caramel sundae – £6.25
WAS: £19
AUGUST: £9.50

The incentive is part of his mini-Budget plan to boost the economy after the coronavirus lockdown. 

Prices will vary across the country as many of the featured restaurant chains charge different amounts across their branches.

Chains such as Burger King and Pizza Hut have already confirmed that they plan to take part in the scheme. 

Others including KFC, Zizzi, Toby Carvery, Harvester and McDonald’s haven’t confirmed whether they will offer the meal deal. 

The Chancellor also announced a VAT will be slashed to 5 per cent for the leisure industry, including hotels, restaurants, theme parks and cinemas. 

The tax cut takes force from July 15 and runs until January 12 2021. 

Businesses don’t have to pass on the VAT cut to customers – but if they do diners out could see their meals out reduced even further. 

The Eat In to Dine Out scheme doesn’t apply to takeaways. 

Canteens, shopping centres and football stadiums can offer the deal as long as food is eaten on site. 

Customers are allowed to take home doggy bags if they have any leftovers. 

Alcohol is not included in the deal, so you won’t be able to get a discount on booze.

Britain’s Coupon Kid, Jordan Cox, said: “While deals and discounts at restaurants are scarce – this is a great way to save money on a meal out and help the food industry.

“It’s worth weighing up the risk for you and your family though before you head out.”


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