Stop Black Friday, says a new “socially conscious” retailer, and instead support small businesses.


‘Stop Black Friday,’ says a new’socially conscious’ retailer, and instead support small producers.

‘We will not be participating in Black Friday.

‘I’m hoping those days are over.’

Consumers are being urged to “forget Black Friday” and instead support local, independent businesses in the UK and abroad, according to a socially conscious new online retailer.

Liz Warner, the former CEO of Comic Relief, launched Different Kind this month to support small producers, particularly minorities and people with disabilities, and sells everything from East London chocolate to Cornwall pottery and Shetland soap.

Different Kind is a social enterprise, according to Ms Warner, with profits going back into the craftspeople who supply it.

“We want to make responsible shopping accessible and change shopping habits,” she explained.

“We’re not just getting rid of plastic or donating £1 from every purchase to charity – we’re taking it a step further.”

“We’re driven by a need to be commercially viable, and we’ll reinvest in people who wouldn’t have a platform otherwise.”

Many have incredible tales to tell.”

Ms Warner went on to say that rather than rushing to find “dubious” Black Friday deals, she would prefer to see consumers use their purchasing power to effect change.

She cited a Which? report that found that nine out of ten Black Friday deals are the same price or cheaper six months prior to the day, and that a large portion of the electrical goods purchased end up in landfill.

“It’s a cynical event that wasn’t born in our country,” she said.

“It began in America as a way to sell products during a slow period in the retail calendar.

“Instead of buying things we don’t need in a frenzy of consumption, why not shop meaningfully and help people?”

“I believe lockdown caused people to flee the faceless retail behemoths.”

Gary Fulton, a one-armed potter from Hayle, Cornwall, has already signed up with the retailer after losing his right arm in a motorcycle accident in 2003 and learning ceramics while incarcerated.

Another example is the feminist roastery Girls Who Grind Coffee, based in Warminster, Wiltshire, which only buys beans from female producers in developed countries who would otherwise earn less or be excluded from trade.

A chocolatier in Barking who sources raw beans directly from Nigeria and makes chocolates in a community kitchen, as well as a glassmaker in Eswatini, southern Africa, are also featured.

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‘Stop Black Friday,’ says a new’socially conscious’ retailer, and instead support small producers.

‘Stop Black Friday’: New ‘socially conscious’ retailer urges shoppers to support small producers instead

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