The press review of the Friday, June 19



Here are the major titles developed by the national press of this Friday:

In The Morning

Natural gas: Chariot Oil & Gas in discussion with ONEE.

Chariot Oil & Gas is seeking partners for the gas from its assets in morocco. The british company of oil and gas exploration announces, in its annual report 2019, that she has had discussions with the national Office of electricity and drinking water (ONEE) in respect of the supply of gas from its license offshore “Lixus” in the North of Morocco. Regarding the sale price, Chariot Oil & Gas table 8 dollars per volume of 1,000 cubic feet sold in the Office, compared to a range of between 8.5 to $ 9 for Sound Energy. In total, table Cart on nearly 150 million dollars of annual revenue on the basis of a daily delivery of 1.5 million cubic metres to the office.

The Economist

Domestic tourism: Save the season!

The 12 regions of the Kingdom affûtent their weapons to boost the tourism industry post-covid-19 via the lever of the domestic tourism. Preparations are underway to cobble together deals and promotions enticing for the tourist of morocco. Each region will build on its strengths and highlight its potential to attract a clientele that has just emerged from a confinement of more than 3 months. The presidents of the regional councils of tourism bring currently the final adjustments to their recovery plans for the season, which starts next July. They must submit their copies to the ONMT Monday, June 22, in order to benefit from its financial support to this operation.

The Opinion

The doctors return to their normal activities.

After three months of emotion and health crisis, the health staff is catching its breath, following the official announcement, on 13 June, the grouping of positive cases to the Covid-19 in two health facilities specialist, located in Benslimane and Benguérir. Before everyone goes off to their main activities and to treat other diseases that continue to kill, doctors are put in quarantine for fourteen days, from the date of transfer of the last case in the two hospitals mentioned above. In fact, “over 85% of the activities of the hospitals have been converted to the treatment of cases of contamination have been confirmed, compared to only 15 % of the business remained intact, including the emergency department,” says Dr. El Mountadar Alaoui, secretary general of the Independent Union of Doctors in the Public Sector (SIMSP).

Al Ahdath Al-Maghribya Newspaper

Coronavirus: The plausible scenarios.

To avoid any bad surprise, the department of Health has analyzed a number of hypotheses after the resumption of economic and commercial activity. In an internal report, the department expects that the number of infections to the Covid-19 would amount to 25,000 cases by the end of July in addition to the cases already diagnosed. Therefore, the distribution of cities (areas I and II) will be based on the reproductive rate of the virus (R0), which should be less than 0.7%, while the number of active cases should not exceed 5 cases for each 100,000 inhabitants per week. The ministry also plans to carry out 1.975.000 screening tests for the Coronavirus to the end of the month of July, the report adds, noting that it excludes a 2nd wave of contamination

Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki

Benchaâboun distribute a circular on the implementation of the right of access to information.

The minister of Economy, finance and the reform of the administration, Mohamed Benchaâboun, has issued a circular relative to the implementation of the right of access to information, encouraging the governments and institutions concerned, both at the central level or decentralised, to comply with the provisions of law no. 31.13 on the right of access to information. According to a press release of the ministry of Economy, finance and administration reform – department for the reform of the administration, this circular clarifies the procedures and the measures that these agencies and institutions must follow for the implementation of this law, and this at the level of management information, proactive publication, from the receipt and processing of requests for information, as well as awareness raising and coaching.


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