The travel insurers that WILL cover you for Covid-19 abroad


HOLIDAYS could be back on the cards for Brits if the government ditched the 14-day blanket quarantine rules for everyone coming into the UK.

The government is expected to announce later this week which countries will be on the safe list, meaning people won’t have to stay home for two weeks when they return to the UK.

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If you are planning on going abroad you’ll want to get travel insurance in case anything goes wrong on the trip.

Many insurers stopped selling holiday cover after the start of the pandemic as travellers rushed to protect their future trips abroad.

Plenty have now returned to the market but almost all of the policies now feature clauses that exclude cover for Covid-19 or even any future pandemics.

There are, however, some that will cover you if you catch the virus while abroad – but only one of them will pay out if any upcoming trips are cancelled because of the outbreak.

Here, we take you through the insurance firms that do offer cover during the pandemic – and what you need to look out for when buying it.

There are only a handful of travel insurers that will cover you if you catch Covid-19 when you’re abroad.

Prices vary depending on where you go, how long for and how much excess you agree to pay.

Some insurers aren’t accepting new customers, while others have updated their policies for existing policy holders – we’ve specified this where possible.

Of course, it’s worth noting that all of the policies are invalid if you travel against advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

These are companies that offer the services and exactly what they will cover.

None of the travel insurance policies listed above will offer any cover for you if you travel against FCO advice.

There is currently an FCO travel ban on all non-essential travel, which includes holidays.

The policies won’t cover you even if you’re travelling to a country that the UK has agreed to form an air bridge with.

This just means that you won’t have to quarantine when you arrive in the UK after visiting one of these nations, not that it’s safe to travel.

There is only one policy that will cover you if your trip is cancelled due to coronavirus and that’s one with Trailfinders.

However, you’ll only get your money back if your holiday was cancelled because you caught the illness or you’ve been asked to self-isolate for 14 days by N&S Test and Trace.

You won’t be covered if your trip is cancelled due to the pandemic for any other reason.

You’ll have to look to the airline, holiday provider or credit card provider for a refund in these cases.

If you travel to a country that the UK has agreed to form an “air-bridge” or “travel corridor” with then you won’t have to quarantine.

On June 25, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed air bridges will only be agreed with countries which have a coronavirus test and trace system at the same standard as the UK as well as a low rate of the virus.

Spain, France and Italy are set to be among the first to have air bridge agreements with the UK.

If you return to the UK from countries that aren’t air-bridges, such as the US or Mexico, then you will have to quarantine for 14 days.

Those who don’t self-isolate could be slapped with a £100 fine.

Police are conducting checks to ensure people are quarantining and not leaving their residence for the two-week period.

Magistrates also have the powers to prosecute or to issue unlimited fines for persistent breaches of the new self-isolation rule, or for refusal to pay a fine that has already been issued.



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