This month,’surprise’ stimulus checks worth (dollar)285 will be mailed out – see if you qualify.


THIS MONTH,’surprise’ stimulus checks worth (dollar)285 will be mailed out – see if you are eligible.

The first round of (dollar)285’surprise stimulus’ checks arrived on November 15 and will continue to arrive in waves over the next few weeks.

By December 31, just before the end of 2021, the final round of checks should arrive at eligible homes.

Only Maine residents are eligible for the money, which Governor Janet Mills hopes will “help Maine families, to some extent, during the holiday season as we work to fully recover our economy.”

Earlier this month, the governor announced that a bipartisan bill allowing for a check worth (dollar)285 had been passed.

Eligibility is based on a person’s income and work history, as well as their residency requirement.

A person must work through 2020 and file a tax return in order to be paid.

Governor Mills has referred to the payment as “hazard pay,” and the work requirement is intended to assist those “who kept our state running during the pandemic.”

Based on income, tax returns will also determine eligibility.

A check will be issued to heads of household or single tax filers who earn less than (dollar)75,000 per year.

Married couples with a combined annual gross income of less than (dollar)150,000 can also expect to receive a payment.

Those who are listed on a tax return as a claimed dependent are not eligible.

There is no need to do anything else in order to get a check because the state’s revenue service will decide who is eligible.

To all those who qualify, paper checks will be mailed.

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Many families are struggling to stay afloat as prices rise across the economy.

Because Congress has yet to agree on a decision, a fourth stimulus check from the federal government appears unlikely.

State governments, on the other hand, have taken on the burden and provided additional funds to low-income families.

Parents can also check the status of their Child Tax Credit payments on the IRS website ahead of the December deadline.

Each child under the age of six will receive (dollar)300, and children aged six to seventeen will receive (dollar)250.

Those who want to opt out before the end of the year can do so until November 29.

The payments will be made until the end of 2021.

Democrats, on the other hand, are attempting to extend CTC payments into the next fiscal year or even make them permanently refundable.

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The $285 checks will be sent to all eligible Maine residents

The $285 checks will be sent to all eligible Maine residents

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