Virgin Media down: hundreds of customers suffered internet issues while working from home


VIRGIN Media went down in Nottingham today with thousands of customers reportedly suffering internet issues while working from home.

The problems began around 12.30pm with more than 1,200 reports of issues on outage reporting site

Of the reports, 76 per cent struggled to access cable internet while 19 per cent had problems with mobile internet.

But Virgin Media told The Sun the issues, which affected customers in the Nottingham area only, were fixed within an hour.

Before the problems were resolved, a frustrated customer in Nottingham complained about the problems on Twitter, saying: “@virginmedia might want to look at the service in Nottingham area.

“Down for me in NG9 and reports of it being down in NG2, NG6 and NG7. I’ve restarted the router, both WiFi and Ethernet are down so I’ve done the usual stuff.

“This is not my end – this is yours!”

While another added: “Second internet down fail in a week with @virginmedia, what’s going on?”

And a third one said: “@virginmedia Hi I have no internet.

“Router is displaying normal lights but none of our devices are connected.”

Virgin Media has 8.7million TV customers and 6million broadband users.

A spokesperson told The Sun: “We’ve fixed the local issue which meant customers in the Nottingham area briefly lost broadband services.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Virgin Media went down for hours at the end of June, when it suffered a broadband outage in London as well as TV issues.

During one outage in April, tracker also recorded more than 41,000 complaints from customers while another problem in May saw 78 per cent of users reporting problems with their cable internet.

It comes as around 30 per cent of the UK are relying on the internet to work from home as part of the government’s coronavirus restrictions.

Virgin Media has a dedicated web page where you can find out if there are any problems in your area – here is how you can check.

The provider is signed up to the Automatic Compensation Scheme which makes it easier for customers to get their money back when their service goes wrong.

The scheme covers customers when internet goes down for two or more full days, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll get any cash for today’s problems.

Last month, Sky Broadband went down leaving hundreds of customers without internet.

TalkTalk, BT and Post Office internet have all suffered an outage recently too, leaving thousands of customers unable to work from home.


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