Wagamama’s Eat Out to Help Out menu prices – and you can get a katsu curry for £5


WAGAMAMA fans can get their hands on a katsu curry for just over a fiver under the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Normally, a yasai katsu curry would set you back £10.25 but it will only cost you £5.13 if you order it on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday throughout August.

This is because the Japanese-inspired restaurant chain has signed up to the Chancellor’s half price meal deal scheme that runs next month.

It means that everything on the menu has 50 per cent off, up to £10 a head, excluding alcohol as long as you dine-in on one of the first three days of the week.

A chicken katsu curry – a version of the dish for meat eaters – costs £11.25 normally so it will be reduced to £5.63 under the scheme.

Other family favourites will see prices drop too.

A chicken and prawn pad Thai will set you back just £5.23, instead of £11.25, while a grilled duck donburi will cost £7.38, down from £14.75.

The price of Wagamama’s own ramen will be slashed to £6.88, down from £13.75.

Soft drinks are also included in the scheme so a regular fresh juice, which normally costs £3.95, will set you back £1.98.

Remember though, the government will cover a maximum of £10 per head so you may end up paying more than half of the bill if your food and drink combination comes to more than a tenner.

For example, if you ordered a duck donburi (£14.75), a chilli squid side (£6.95) and a fresh juice (£3.95), your order will come to £25.65.

Fifty per cent knocked off the bill comes to £12.83, which is more than the scheme will cover.

So instead of halving the bill you will have to knock off £10, so the price you pay is £15.65.

You can see more examples of reduces Wagamama prices in the table above.

Prices are the same at all 135 of the chain’s restaurants – you can find your nearest one here.

The Chancellor’s scheme launches on August 3 and will run on the first three days of the week until August 31.

Rishi Sunak hopes discounted meals will help get Brits back into spending at restaurants and cafes to help boost the economy and save the hospitality sector from the coronavirus crisis.

But at the same time as cutting the costs of junk food, Boris Johnson unveiled plans this week to get people in the UK to lose weight.

Under the plans, GPs will recommend exercise to patients and shops will be banned from offering Buy One Get One Free deals on junk food.

Eat Out to Help Out launches on August 3 and will run until August 31, with the discount applying on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Scores of restaurant chains have signed up to offer the half price discounts, including McDonald’s and Nando’s.

Maccie’s fans will be able to pick up Big Mac for just £1.60, instead of £3.19.

High street pizza chain Prezzo has also said it will be running the scheme but it won’t be capping the deal at £10 per person.

Some restaurants chains have already lowered prices thanks to a VAT cut from 20 per cent to 5 per cent for businesses in the hospitality industry.

For example, McDonald’s has already lowered the price of some menu items, including Happy Meals and Big Macs.


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