Where to buy disposable face masks online including from Boots and Superdrug


THE government has asked Brits to cover their faces to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

That means lots of people will need to buy masks before some of the rules change next week.

From Monday, it will be mandatory for people to wear face coverings on public transport.

And the British Transport Police will have the power to issue fines to rule breakers.

The government has asked people to use simple face coverings, and not buy PPE medical masks as they still are needed for the NHS.

Disposable masks are easy and convenient, and mean you can safely throw them away when you get back from work or shopping.

Lots of retailers are selling out of masks, due to unprecedented demand.

But there are still lots of places you can get disposable ones online.

If you need a mask to travel next week, check delivery times carefully as orders may be delayed due to the coronavirus.

Please do not buy an N95 of FFP3 mask as they are most needed by NHS heroes and carers, or those looking after people with coronavirus.

If you’re unable to find a mask, you could make your own at home.

Homemade masks won’t offer the same level of protection as medical-grade ones, but it hasn’t stopped

DIY tutorials popping up online.

One of the simplest ones involves using two layers of kitchen roll and one tissue cut in half.

You then cover each end with masking tape – and you can even tape down some wire to stiffen the mask, if you have any.

Finish by punching holes in each end and threading elastic through to fit around your ears.

If you don’t have elastic bands you could also use a hair tie.

Where to buy fabric face masks online in the UK, from Amazon and eBay to Asos and Next.

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