Your next company car, will it be used ?


Enjoy a new car every three or four years, is one of the benefits of the company car. An advantage which could, however, disappear for some employees in the future. ALD Automotive, one of the main leasing companies active in Belgium, is now offering leases for new cars.

ALD 2life Lease, that is the name of the new service offered by ALD Automotive. This enables you to get a vehicle, “having already a first contract for the leasing of its assets” ; and a “vehicle of opportunity” so.

Many strengths

The benefits of this remarketing his many, both for employers as for employees. Among the advantages put forward by ALD, the availability within 15 days of vehicles, perfect to quickly deliver a car to a new employee; but also an attractive price, about 20% lower than that of the new vehicle. Thanks to this formula, an employee who wishes may also benefit from a vehicle wider or higher range for the amount agreed upon in their salary package.

The selected vehicles

ALD assure all the vehicles offered by 2life Lease will be carefully selected. These are cars that are, on average, for 3 years on the road and which must meet “strict criteria based on the duration of life, the mileage and the damage.” It is only after an examination and a cleaning depth that the cars are again available for a new leasing contract.

Just launched, the formula ALD 2life Lease begins with an offer of 80 vehicles will be enriched every 15 days to ensure continuity of service.


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