15 Secrets From Monster-in-Law About Those Slaps and More


15 Secrets From Monster-in-Law About Those Slaps and More

Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda fought in Monster-In-Law more than 15 years ago, and JLo still considers it one of her career highlights.

Is Kevin and Charlie still married after more than 15 years? Did Viola manage to keep her change of heart and not revert back to the possessive and a little bit homicidal snob who believes no woman is good enough for her son? (Seriously, don’t mess with a girl’s nut allergy…)

Regardless of the couple’s long-term prospects, Monster-in-Law—which stars Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda as fiancée Charlie and mother-of-the-groom Viola in a battle for Michael Vartan, the Dr.

Perfect, who believes his two favorite women are getting along fine, had a happy ending.

Whether or not Vartan’s Kevin was great enough to merit this battle of wills is beside the point, even if in 2021 we might prefer to see a Charlie-shaped hole in the door because she’s fleeing this unhealthy situation as quickly as she can, with Wanda Sykes’ Ruby driving the getaway car. But there are reasons for Viola’s breakdown, even if her actions border on the pathological, and if you dig deep enough beneath this film’s woman vs. woman

Even if you can’t, it’s a hoot, with Fonda returning from her premature retirement and JLo getting the cinematic justice she deserves as a rom-com heroine.

So, in honor of this highly rewatchable burst of eye candy, here are 15 facts about Monster-in-Law:

Jane Fonda hadn’t acted in a film in 15 years when she received the Monster-in-Law script.

Her most recent film, Stanley and Iris, was released in 1990, after which she married media mogul and CNN founder Ted Turner and left acting.

“If this is going to work, you’re going to have to give up your career,” Turner told Fonda on their second date, according to a 2013 CNN interview. “I’m thinking, this is a little bit early in the relationship for that.” The conversation moved on to other topics, and Turner responded, “I just realized, you’re not going to give up your career until you win an Oscar.’ I said, ‘Ted, I have two.”

“I was planning to do it regardless,” she insisted, “so it was partly Ted and…

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15 Secrets From Monster-in-Law: The Truth About Those Slaps and More

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The Truth About Those Slaps and More: 15 Secrets From Monster-In-Law

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