21 Fabulous Hanukkah Finds


21 Fabulous Hanukkah Finds

We’ve rounded up everything you’ll need to celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights in style, from candles and menorahs to sweet treats and table décor.

We chose these products on our own because we enjoy them, and we hope you will as well.

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Hanukkah is quickly approaching!

We scoured the internet for the coolest Hanukkah essentials so you don’t have to.

We found 21 festive essentials for your upcoming celebrations, ranging from sweet treats delivered right to your door and tableware to menorahs and decorative pillows.

Scroll down to see our selections, which we hope will bring you latke joy!

This porcelain honey pot, based on historic Judaic manuscripts from the 1880s, will be a welcome addition to your table.

Baked apple, butter, potato, vanilla, sugar, pomegranate, and other dreamy notes will fill your home for 60-80 hours.

Pick up a few packs of these adorable paper plate sets if you don’t want to be left with a lot of dishes.

This embellished style has the cutest print and tassel details, and it will instantly upgrade the look of your spread.

When it’s time to cut the cake, everyone will want a boomerang for their Instagram story.

When your guests arrive, let them know they’re about to enter a lit zone!

This 6 foot long garland with plush dreidels and pompoms will adorn your halls!

These adorable labels will get you a lot of compliments whether you use them for your own celebrations or slap them on a bottle to give as a gift.

Give your guests something to eat on the way home, or send one of these lovely cookie sets to a relative who won’t be able to attend your Hanukkah celebration!

Do you have a tree or wreath that could use a little blue? These ornaments will help you make them look festive as hell.

This menorah is absolutely stunning, and it will be the focal point of your tablescape.

Make a festive statement with…

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21 Great Hanukkah Finds

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21 Fab Finds to Get Your Home Hanukkah-Ready

21 Fab Finds to Get Your Home Hanukkah-Ready

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