A MTV reality star is expecting her second child.


MTV Reality Star Expecting Her Second Child

Marnie and Casey, stars of Geordie Shore, have announced that they are expecting their second child together.

According to OK!, the couple is “so excited and super happy” to be expanding their family.

Marnie admits that learning she was pregnant was “a bit of a shock,” but the couple is ecstatic about the new arrival.

“We’re overjoyed,” she exclaimed.

While working on a new project, the reality TV star claims she learned about the baby’s arrival.

“I was filming a TV show in September and we planned to try after that,” she explained. “But while filming, I started having really strange symptoms.”

“I was constantly sick, my gums were bleeding, and I was dizzy,” she continued, “but I just put it down to it being an activity-based show and the fact that I was working 17-hour days.”

Marnie says she was required to do a bungee jump on the show at one point, and she discovered one major red flag while going through medical evaluations.

“Everyone had to do a medical first,” she recalled, “and when they took my blood pressure, it was really low.”

“I’d never had low blood pressure before, so that was a red flag.”

Her fiance assumed Marnie was baking another little bun in the oven because of all the symptoms.

“I told Casey, and he said, ‘You’re definitely pregnant!’ So I did a pregnancy test as soon as I got home that night, and it said ‘Pregnant’ right away.”

“We just laughed,” she went on to say.

The cast of Geordie Shore has been informed of the couple’s new arrival, and they are reportedly “overjoyed.”

“I still can’t believe I’m the only girl with children,” she continued.

I think I’m annoying them because I keep asking them about it! I just want them to hurry up and have kids so we can do things together.” Marnie and Casey already have one child together, a son named Rox, whom they welcomed in 2019.

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MTV Reality Personality Pregnant With Second Child

MTV Reality Personality Pregnant With Second Child

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