A shop worker famously quits his job over the TANNOY, slamming his ‘Lucifer’ coworkers in a profane rant.


Shockingly, a shop worker quits his job over the TANNOY, slamming his ‘Lucifer’ coworkers in a profane rant.

A SHOP employee went viral after spectacularly quitting his job over the PA system with a foul-mouthed announcement.

When he compared one of his coworkers to “Lucifer,” Edwin Pos made his feelings about his job clear.

The 21-year-old worked at Target in Chicago and managed to get through his entire speech without being interrupted.

“Attention Target guests,” he says in the short clip.

I’m quitting, I’m quitting this f***ing whole-a** job now that it’s nine o’clock.

“F*** that b**** [colleague name]and your p**** a** email, that no-lip b**** [colleague name]who [harasses]the style team on a daily basis, which is why we call her [colleague name]-a*** Lucifer [colleague name].”

And your mannequins are a joke.”

He also criticized another woman, saying, “She’s a s*** boss who doesn’t give a f*** about her employees.”

“F*** Target, f*** this store, and f*** management,” he concluded.

“B****, I’m quitting, now go write an email about it.”

“Felt soooooo good,” the disgruntled worker captioned the video.

South loop, F

But thank you, [name of colleague], for not attempting to stop me.”

In a follow-up video, he explained that one of the things that bothered him was an alleged incident in which he attempted to retrieve his water bottle but was prevented from doing so.

“And this f***ing b**** stops me while I’m getting my water, as if I’m lounging or doing something I’m not supposed to be doing,” he said.

Target has been contacted for comment by The Sun.


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Rayner Davies, a single teenage mother on benefits, now has a cleaning business worth £4 million a year.

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A target employee launched a foul mouthed rant into the tannoy in order to quit his job

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