According to a body language expert, Meghan Markle employs a “secret controlling gesture” on Prince Harry.


According to a body language expert, Meghan Markle uses a’secret controlling gesture’ on Prince Harry.

Does Meghan Markle use a secret signal to get Prince Harry to obey her? According to one body language expert, Meghan uses a “secret controlling gesture” to pull her husband away from a conversation.

Jesus Enrique Rosas, a body language expert, commented on Meghan’s gesture, which indicates that Harry needs to end a conversation.

Rosas backed up his claim by examining footage of Meghan and Harry’s body language at various events.

In a YouTube video, he stated, “The clip you’re about to see was not broadcast by the BBC or any other big media corporation.”

“It reveals Meghan’s use of a covert control gesture on Harry.”

In a video from the 2019 Commonwealth Day Ceremony, Rosas breaks down Meghan’s move and Harry’s reaction.

Meghan is seen putting her hand on Harry’s back, signaling him to stop talking to two people.

“She’s staring directly at Harry, and that’s significant,” Rosas explained.

“Because you should normally excuse yourself when interrupting someone who is speaking.”

“You say a simple ‘excuse me,’ and make eye contact with the other people,” he continued, adding that it “would have been nice if she, at the very least, made eye contact with [the attendees].”

“Meghan reaches out with her hand and touches him in the middle of his back, saying a few words,” Rosas continued.

Prince Harry recognizes Meghan’s gesture and ends the conversation in the video.

“Harry turns around in the middle of a sentence, makes eye contact with her, and then stares blankly into space,” Rosas observed.

Harry then makes an awkward smile and excuses himself with a hand gesture indicating “he has to get going.”

Because Meghan was pregnant at the time, the body language expert gave her a pass.

He explained, “There’s a very good chance Meghan interrupted Harry because she just wanted to leave.”

“With her being pregnant and having to attend the service for such a long time, it’s completely understandable.”

He called it “a valid reason to draw Harry’s attention,” but added that the “last two seconds of the clip tell a whole different story,” in which Meghan is seen grabbing Harry’s hand and biting her lower lip.

Before making the expression, she also turned her head away.

Meghan’s thumb is placed over Harry’s in a “display of power, protection, and control,” according to Rosas.

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