Adele, ASAP Rocky, and Other Musicians Who Canceled Tours After Fans Were Injured


Adele, ASAP Rocky, and Other Music Artists Who Stopped Touring After Fans Were Injured

The recent tragedies at the Astroworld Festival on November 5 have prompted discussions about concert crowd control.

What should the music artist, in this case, Travis Scott, do if a fan is injured during the event? Should production be held responsible for the choices that led to injuries?

As lawsuits over Astroworld emerge, tales of musicians who successfully defended their fans are resurfacing.

On November 5, 2021, tragedy struck at the Astroworld Festival.

When Scott took the stage, a large crowd pressed up against the front row.

Nine people, ranging in age from 9 to 27, died as a result of being suffocated and unable to flee.

Over 300 people were hurt, with 20 of them being taken to the hospital.

According to the Washington Post, some concertgoers screamed, attempted to call 911, and pleaded for the show to end.

Two concertgoers begged for assistance by climbing onto the camera operator’s platform.

When Scott noticed people passing out near the stage four times, he stopped performing.

As medics attempted to navigate the crowd, he continued to perform.

In a dozen lawsuits related to the Astroworld incidents, Live Nation, Scott, and Drake — the latter of whom was also on stage when the surge occurred — are named as defendants.

Both Scott and Live Nation have stated that they are willing to help with the investigation.

The bands and musicians listed below, on the other hand, have taken steps to safeguard their fans.

– Video of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda rescuing a fan who had fallen over in a mosh pit during one of their shows has resurfaced. pic.twitter.com2piGeBJsiD

According to CNN, members of the band Linkin Park witnessed several people in the mosh pit fall during a 2014 concert.

They paused their game and waited until they were certain the people involved were safe.

“We have to put safety first, for real,” Mike Shinoda said.

Nobody is harmed.

“We know we’ve been stressing all night about being cool, and this is the reason why,” Chester Bennington explained. He then asked the crowd, “Let’s go over it one more time: When someone falls, what do you do?” Linkin Park’s fans responded, “Pick them up.”

After the Astroworld premiere, a clip from an Adele performance has resurfaced…

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