AEW Stars Appearing on G4, Da Party Reuniting, according to WWE’s Xavier Woods.


AEW Stars Appearing on G4, Da Party Reuniting: WWE’s Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods, the current WWE Superstar and King of the Ring, sat down with Cinema Blend this week to discuss his new role as one of G4’s hosts.

He was once asked if wrestlers from other companies, such as AEW, would be allowed to appear on the network.

Woods didn’t dismiss the idea, even suggesting reuniting “Da Party” from his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, which featured himself, Cesaro, Tyler Breeze (who has since been released by WWE), and Adam Cole (now in AEW).

“It’s possible that nothing is out the window,” Woods explained.

“Being linked to WWE, where anything can happen, G4 would be an excellent place to interact with other wrestlers from all over the world.”

As a result, being able to interact with people I might not otherwise be able to interact with would be a fantastic piece of fun.

G4 is a wonderful, welcoming environment.

I was at the studio this week, and it’s amazing to see so many different faces and people from so many different areas and walks of life, even just in the office, like the social media team.

Everyone is unique and contributes to the group.

So, I’m hoping it’ll be a way for us to create more content with more people who we wouldn’t normally work with.”

“I’m not sure,” says the speaker.

I’m not sure what I’m saying.

“I’m hoping it’s not out of the question,” he later added, “because I think it’d be a great opportunity to show that when people from different places sit down and break bread together, everyone wins.”

“I’m not sure how things work like that, but I’m hoping to see a little bit of [holds up Adam Cole t-shirt]…some of that.”

So it’d be fantastic if we could re-link up with some Da Party material.”

Earlier this week, G4 relaunched as a television channel.

Attack of the Show!, Xplay, Boosted, Invitation to Party, G4 Vault, and reruns of Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke are among the current programming offerings.

On the network, Woods is set to host an unnamed competition show.

More information on G4 will be released as it becomes available.

WWE’s Xavier Woods on AEW Stars Appearing on G4, Da Party Reuniting

WWE’s Xavier Woods on AEW Stars Appearing on G4, Da Party Reuniting

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