After AEW Full Gear, CM Punk Issues a Threat to Everyone in AEW


After AEW Full Gear, CM Punk Issues a Threat to Everyone in AEW

CM Punk defeated Eddie Kingston in a brutal brawl at AEW Full Gear on Saturday, and his post-match comments were posted on AEW’s YouTube channel on Tuesday night.

“Heading into this, a lot of people said I saw a bad guy, simply because I told Eddie some hard truths,” Punk said, his blood and sweat still running down his face.

I was always telling Eddie the hard truths and pinning him.

Eddie Kingston would have pinned me if it hadn’t been for the hard truths being stone-cold facts.

But if you walk into the ring with anyone, let alone me, with the attitude that you don’t care whether you win or lose, you’ve already lost.

“I haven’t yet,” he added, referring to losing.

“And there are other people in this locker room who can come see me if they have a problem with me.”

I’m remembering who the f— I am little by little, day by day!”

Punk was asked why he began channeling John Cena during the match (he even teased hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle at one point) during the post-show media scrum.

Punk was simply messing with people.

“When I’m in the ring, I have one boss, right? I often say I have no boss when I’m in the ring, but the truth is (it’s) the people,” Punk explained.

“I pay attention to them.

And sometimes I just go with the flow and let them take me places, and sometimes I feel like I’ve been doing this for a minute, despite the seven-year gap.

I’m well aware of what I’m doing.

It’s a lot of fun for me to f— with people.

For me, it’s all about getting reactions, different reactions, and playing with them.”

Kingston, meanwhile, was pulled from a convention in New York City on Sunday morning due to a shoulder injury, according to reports.

He then tweeted that his shoulders were “fine” and that he would not be absent from work.

As you can see in the updated card below, neither man is scheduled to appear on tonight’s AEW Dynamite:

CM Punk Sends a Threat to Everyone in AEW After AEW Full Gear

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