After an accident, Alexa PenaVega claims her son Kingston’s finger is ‘growing back.’


After an accident, Alexa PenaVega claims her son Kingston’s finger is’recovering.’

Kingston PenaVega’s finger is healing one month after it was slammed in a door by Alexa PenaVega.

“I know this is going to sound completely insane, but it’s literally growing back,” the actress, 33, wrote on Thursday, November 18.

“His finger is regenerating.”

There was nothing there before, but now he’s up to something.

“I’m not joking when I say that.”

She went on to say that she planned to “show a before and after” photo of the injury.

Last month, the Florida native and mother of Ocean, 4, and Rio, 6 months, revealed that her youngest son had lost the tip of his finger.

In October, she wrote on Instagram Stories, “While getting the kids ready for bed, I shut Kingston’s fingers in the hinge of the bathroom door.”

“His first finger is bruised and bloody, but his middle finger took the brunt of the blow and was severed near the tip of the first knuckle.

It was the most traumatic experience our family has ever had.

It was extremely difficult to overcome my mom guilt and shame.

But thank God for Kingston, the sweet little bruiser he is.”

At the time, the Ruby and the Rockits actress praised her husband, Carlos PenaVega, and referred to him as “Superman.”

Alexa wrote, “It took all of us a minute to process what had happened.”

“If anything, it deepened our love for each other and humbled us to the core.”

Kingston, on the other hand, is already flipping like nothing happened.

I adore my children.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum clarified the next day that she did not close the door “in a fit of rage.”

“I simply closed the door,” Alexa explained.

That’s exactly what took place.

I know I’ll never be able to please everyone, and some people will always be ugly… and all I can do for them is pray.

… It’s easy to get frustrated with social media.”

She and her husband, Carlos, 32, and their three children are currently residing on a boat.

“We don’t let kids on the deck unless they’re accompanied by an adult (it’s too dangerous), but it’s forced us to do projects inside and spend a lot of money.”

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After an accident, Alexa PenaVega claims her son Kingston’s finger is ‘growing back.’

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Alexa PenaVega Says Son Kingston’s Finger Is ‘Growing Back’ After Accident

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